Home Steam Spa Becomes Nightly Routine

Home Steam Spa Nightly Routine

Frank McCulloch and his wife recently purchased an unfinished home in Tennessee. The home spa came into fruition when they saw the potential of the large 10’ x 28’ bathroom. Their well-planned out bathroom design resulted in a beautiful home wellness spa with an Amerec steam shower that they enjoy every night. Below Frank describes their home spa planning, installation and end results.

  1. What motivated you to get a steam shower in your home?Frank 2
    We bought our house two years ago unfinished, and it allowed us freedom to do things that a completed house wouldn't. The steam room was my idea when confronted with a huge 10’ x 28’ bathroom that had a closet in the back. My wife wanted a wet room with the tub and shower together. I had enjoyed steam rooms before on my business travel and preferred them to saunas. My wife had never tried one but trusted me to include one in our home spa space.

  2. How did you come up with your steam shower plan?
    My wife came up with the bathroom design from scratch. In the steam room, we wanted room to spread out and my wife wanted the barrel ceiling and fiber optic star lights. I spent about two months researching designs and sizing charts. Also, I read countless reviews on the different units and companies. We chose Amerec because they had a solid reputation and were affordable.

  3. Briefly describe the key features of your steam shower.
    I installed the Amerec AK 11 generator in my steam room with the simple R30K control. I went with the simFrank 5ple on/off controller for ease of use and ease to explain to guests.

    The steam room measures 8 ft x 4.5 ft x 7 ft at the highest part of the barrel ceiling. The AK11 is more than enough for this well insulated room. The only openings are a 28” x 76” glass door and a porthole window.

    I have a shower installed which is great and two benches for a large crowd. I installed fiber optic "stars" in the ceiling which is really nice in the steam.

  4. How do you use your steam shower?
    I absolutely love my Amerec Steam Spa and I use it every night. It takes no more than 10 minutes from a cold room to full steam ready and we normally stay about 15 minutes.

  5. How did the steam shower installation go?
    Installation was extremely easy. The instructions were thorough and easy to understand. I did the installation myself without assistance and never needed any further guidance outside of the instructions. The steam unit seems to be VERY well assembled and fits nicely in a closet behind the steam room. Plumbing and electric was simple.

  6. How satisfied are you with the Amerec steam product?Frank 4
    In summary, I like the steamer. It came at an affordable price from a company with a solid reputation and I couldn't be more pleased.

Steam Shower Details

  • Amerec Steam Generator: AK 11 Generator
  • Amerec Steam Control: R30K Control
    (Product update: Now replaced with the new K4 Control)
  • Steam Shower Tile: Floor and Decor
  • Steam Shower Faucet: Hansgrohe
  • Steam Shower Space: 8 ft x 4.5 ft x 7 ft at the highest part of the barrel ceiling