Commercial steam rooms

Powered for community steam bathing, relaxation, and luxurious wellbeing. 
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Commercial Steam Boiler

AI Series Boilers

Create an inviting, relaxing environment for the wellbeing of your community. Add real value for your business with a commercial steam room. 

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Commercial Steam Room Controls

Commercial controls

Equip both your customers and staff with controls necessary to support a safe, high quality steam bathing experience. 

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COMMERCIAL Steam Room Accessories


Maximize relaxation and minimize maintenance with commercial steam shower accessories - added controls, drain-and-flush system, doors, and more.

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Steam for day spas

The day-spa experience you provide will help determine the steam equipment required. If your clients will indulge independently in a steam designed just for them, an AK generator is the best fit. A solo steam environment is often smaller and used intermittently, perfectly powered by a steam generator.

If your day-spa steam is meant to be enjoyed in community, then a commercial steam boiler is a better product to facilitate your experience. 

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Steam Showers for Day Spas

Commercial steam room design

Bring your guests together to experience the power of relaxation through steam. As you design and build your commercial steam room, make sure to think through the following:

  1. Cubic Volume of Room
  2. Surface Materials Used + Glass vs. Tile Front Wall
  3. Number of Steam Rooms (1 or 2)
  4. Expected Use (Steady/Constant vs. Slow/Busy Periods)
  5. Door (Closer Location + Weatherstripping)
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Safe & built to last

Safely relax and rejuvenate your guests by choosing trusted commercial steam equipment. Boilers are designed to last, with all-steel construction and powder coat exterior, brass fittings, and stainless steel feet. With safety features built in and a diagnostic system that alerts you to issues, the AI Series boilers will keep your steam room up and running by minimizing downtime and maintenance. 

  • Standard Features: water level sight glass + 3-level water sensing system with low water cut off
  • UL Listed
  • ASME H-stamped Low-Pressure Vessel, National Board Registered
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Commercial AI Series Boilers

Accessories to set you up for success

Your steam room's success is dependent on two things: being usable + a luxurious experience. Both of these are supported with quality steam accessories, including added controls, filtering systems, accessible doors, and more. Set up your system to minimize downtime and maximize enjoyment.

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