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Below we've answered the most commonly asked steam bathing questions related to products, experience, and more.

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Steam generators

  What maintenance is required for a steam generator?

Maintenance: If you do not buy the auto drain, your tank will need to be flushed monthly, or more often, depending on local water conditions.

Visual Inspection: Whenever the generator is opened, inspect for any evidence of water leaks. Inspect the wiring for any evidence of over heating. Check All connections for tightness.

  How do I correctly size a steam bath generator?

Easy, click here to go to the STEAM BUILDER

  Why should I buy an Amerec steam generator?

Innovative features such as Soft Steam element switching, stainless steel water reservoir, computerized printed circuit board, and electronic controls deliver proven reliability and performance. Amerec provides high quality products designed for user satisfaction and the best customer support possible. From planning your steam bath to technical support after installation, we’re here to help.

  What’s the life expectancy of a steam generator?

If the generator is properly maintained and you have good water quality, an Amerec generator will perform reliably for at least 10 years, often longer.

  How much water and electricity does a steam bath generator use?

A residential steam generator consumes less than 2 gallons of water during 30 minutes of operation. Electricity cost to run a steam generator is relatively small. Based upon an average kilowatt rate of $.08 per kilowatt hour, it will cost about $.30 to operate a 7kW steam generator for 30 minutes. Please note, electricity usage will vary by generator kilowatt size.

  How long does it take for my steam bath to heat up before it’s ready to use?

Steam will begin flowing into the shower within 3-5 minutes after the system is turned on. Depending on wall material and other room construction variables, it should take an additional 10-15 minutes for the ambient room temperature to reach the desired setting and the steam bath is ready to be enjoyed. Entering the steam bath before the room heats up to the preset temperature may prevent the bather from experiencing all the healthy benefits of steam bathing. 

  How does steam get from the generator into the shower?

Steam flows through a copper line from the generator and enters the shower through a steam outlet head installed in the shower wall. It’s recommended that the steam head be located 18” above the shower floor on a wall that is as far as possible from where bathers will be to minimize potential contact with hot steam flowing directly from the head.

  I have very hard water. Is there anything I need to protect my steam generator?

A whole house water treatment system should be considered if water quality is a concern. "Good water" is desirable for drinking as well as protecting the plumbing systems, including a steam generator, from the negative effects of hard water. Amerec’s ADK auto drain option is highly recommended to automatically drain and flush the generator after every steam bath. We also offer a ScaleX water filtration system that can be installed on the water supply line to reduce scale build-up inside the generator water tank , which extends the life of the unit and provides you with an unparalleled steam experience.


  What utilities are needed for a steam bath?

Installation of a steam bath generator is similar to a residential water heater. A dedicated 240V electrical circuit and cold water supply line must be run to the space where the generator will be located. Amerec recommends a cold water supply to allow the optional automatic drain cycle to cool water in the tank before flushing. A drain line should also be installed so the generator can be drained and flushed regularly.

  Where should the steam generator be located in my home?

There are several locations suitable for installing the steam generator provided electricity and water are available to the location. Common locations include under a bench inside the steam shower, a closet, a cabinet, basement or attic, provided it is a dry, ventilated space that isn’t exposed to freezing temperatures. We recommend the generator be located as close to the steam shower as possible to minimize the length of the copper steam line between the generator and steam shower. Sufficient service access to the generator must be provided.

  Where should the steam outlet head be mounted in the shower?

It’s recommended that the steam head be located 18” above the shower floor on a wall that is as far as possible from where bathers will be to minimize potential contact with hot steam flowing from the head. Amerec’s ComfortFlo™ Steam Head features an internal insulator to reduce the risk of burns if the bather makes contact with the surface of the head.

  Should an exhaust fan or special ventilation be installed inside the steam shower?

Ceiling vents inside the steam room are not recommended or necessary. Steam is quickly dissipated when you turn on the water to shower after your steam bath. Many people install an exhaust fan in the ceiling outside the steam shower door to remove excess steam when the door is opened.

  Does the steam room need to be insulated?

Insulation in the walls and ceiling will make the room easier and more economical to heat. Also, insulated walls will reduce exterior noises from disrupting the tranquil environment inside the steam bath. Insulation is recommended.

  What is the preferred ceiling height for a steam room or steam shower?

The ideal ceiling height is 7’ to prevent uncomfortable temperature variations common in steam rooms with ceiling heights greater than 8’. As heat accumulates near the ceiling, bathers may experience uncomfortably cool temperatures near the floor. Additionally, the ceiling should be sloped a minimum of ¾” per foot to prevent condensation from dripping on bathers during a steam bath.

  Can an existing shower be converted into a steam bath?

Yes. Virtually any shower space can be converted to a steam bath by adding a vapor proof door and totally enclosing the space to prevent steam from escaping. The shower may need to be updated by sealing the walls and ceiling with a waterproof material such as tile. A qualified, professional contractor should be consulted before starting the project.

  How do I build a steam shower?


Review this blog for more.

Steam bathing

  How often should I take a steam bath?

Frequency of use varies by individual, but regular steam bathing promotes good health and helps prevent illnesses such as colds and flu. Many people take steam baths daily to keep themselves relaxed and rejuvenated.

  Does a steam bath clean my body better than a bath or shower?

The soothing heat in a steam bath opens your pores and induces perspiration to deep clean your skin. Regular steam bathing helps remove toxins from your body and promotes soft, supple skin.

  Can I have chromatherapy lighting in my steam bath?

Yes. Colored lights combined with soothing steam clouds provide a relaxing environment that may improveyours physical and mental wellbeing. Amerec offers colored light kits.

  Can aromatherapy oils be used in a steam bath?

Yes. Steam baths are an excellent environment to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Fragrance oils enhance the steam bathing experience and provide additional relief when suffering from a cold or when your respiratory system is congested. Amerec steam outlet heads feature a reservoir cup to hold aromatherapy oils and we offer an optional fragrance pump system that will inject oils directly into the steam line.

  Are there any health concerns associated with steam bathing?

People who are in good health should have no concerns about enjoying the benefits of steam bathing. However, if you are pregnant, elderly, have high blood pressure, diabetes, suffer from heart disease or are otherwise not in good health, you should consult a physician before using a steam bath.

  What are the benefits of steam bathing?

Steam bathing promotes good health and wellness. Please refer to the Inspiration section of our website for more information.

  What is the difference between a steam bath and a sauna?

Steam is a wet environment with temperatures between 100º to 125°F (38° - 52° C) and relative humidity close to 100%. Sauna is a dry environment with temperatures ranging between 165° to 185° F (74° – 85° C) and low humidity levels of 15 to 30%. Sauna rooms feature walls and benches made of soft woods such as cedar, hemlock, alder or spruce, while steam baths require moisture resistant walls and ceilings such as tile, marble, granite, travertine or acrylic material. Both provide the health and wellness benefits of heat therapy and the choice of one versus the other is usually because of personal preference.

Control units

  What is the difference in the controls?
  • K2 Control: Surface mounted WIFI control that mounts either inside or outside of the steam room. Adjustable time, temperature and 24 hour-delay. Also has a room light switch and is Smart home ready. A separate room sensor is installed by the ceiling.
  • K3 Control: Surface mounted control, easy to use on/off, temperature and time adjustments. Installs either inside or outside of the Steam Room. A separate room sensor is installed by the ceiling.
  • K4 Control: simple on/off timer. Does not have temperature control, therefore should be mounted inside the room for quick and accessible temperature management (i.e. shut off if the room starts to overheat).
  Where should my control be located?

Amerec controls can be mounted inside or outside the steam shower, or in a remote location. Additionally, the K2 Touchscreen control has an app for mobile devices, so you can control your steam shower from anywhere you're connected to Wi-Fi.

  What finishes are available for Amerec steam bath controls?

Amerec offers controls in finishes of Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Bronze, and Matte Black. Matching ComfortFlo steam heads are provided.

  Where can I download the mobile app?
The mobile app, SaunaLogic, is available for iOS and Android Operating Systems. Download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store; more information is available here.