How to Build a Steam Shower

Build a Steam Shower

Steam showers are a great addition to almost any bathroom remodel. With a little planning, your normal shower space can be converted to a luxurious, relaxing, and health-enhancing steam shower.  

When planning your steam shower, it can fit in the space of an existing shower or bathtub area. You will want to ensure there is a place to sit, whether with a fixed position bench or a fold-down seat. For wall preparation, it is essential to follow the Tile Council of North America's guidelines for permeability ratings to ensure steam does not penetrate through the water/vapor proofing. The vapor proofing membrane needs to be rated below .5 perms.

The materials used in a steam shower play an important role in the proper sizing of the steam generator. Many showers use ceramic tile, but natural stone can also be used; however, it will require a larger steam generator to heat the dense stone. Whether using ceramic tile or natural stone, it is important to have a 1:12 slope to the ceiling for condensation to roll down the ceiling instead of forming water droplets in dripping on you.

Finally, the door selection is crucial to ensure a tight seal across the front of the steam shower. Whether you use a 1 piece floor to ceiling door or a shower door with a hinged or pivot transom, the steam door must prevent steam from escaping the shower.

Please enjoy this 7 minute 20 second video to see the installation process of a steam shower. Thanks to TruGard Direct and Minneapolis Glass Company for their help with this project.

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