Successful Technology Detox

Constantly connected, available and online - this is both the up- and the downside of modern life. Because, let’s face it - as helpful as technology can be, it can also be a time-sucking energy thief.

It’s easy to get addicted to the quick thrills of instant gratification that posting something social media offers. Did you know that the feeling from likes and followers actually make our brains release dopamine? Yes, the “happy substance” that play such a crucial part in all forms of addiction. And although an overconsumption of technology might seem harmless, an increasing number of people are starting to feel like enough is enough, and that they would like to spend more time to actually living IRL. If you are one of them - here are a few tips on how to cut down on your screen time!

Replace instead of just removing

If you decide to stop doing something you enjoy, a void will appear. Whether it’s technology, sugar or any other habit you want to quit - chances are that it filled some sort of need, and that ceasing that activity will cause that need to resurface. If you don’t fill the void with something else, your chances of success are lower. Be proactive and plan ahead! As you decide on what you’re going to reduce, determine something positive, healthy, and uplifting you’re going to replace it with. Some extra time in the sauna, perhaps?

Be clear on your goals and motivations

Be specific about why you're doing the detox. Write down your goals in short memorable phrases you can repeat to yourself like a mantra whenever you are tempted to log on to Facebook or to google the latest gossip.

Become mindful

Next time you feel the urge to log on to social media or google something that really is not very important - try embracing the feeling and examine it. Why do you feel like doing this? Why right now? Is it to avoid something that caused you discomfort? Is it to procrastinate something else? Are you feeling lonely, craving that instant attention fix that a new follower or like could provide? Once you recognize and get to know your own patterns of reaction, it becomes much easier to change them.

Use your new-found knowledge

After your detox, it’s time to make some conclusions and set up a new policy for yourself. Armed with the insights you've gained from your technology use, establish new long-term boundaries. Knowledge is just the first step into modifying behavior - now you must apply what you’ve learned in order to change patterns. Keep moving toward a more positive, healthy and constructive integration of technology in your life.

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