Achieve a better and healthier sleep with steam bathing?

Acheive Better Sleep with a Steam Shower

Are you feeling tired, even when you go to bed early? It could be that you are not getting enough of the important deep sleep. Regular steam baths in the evening are an effective way to improve the overall quality of your sleep.

During a night, we pass through different stages of sleep. The slow-wave sleep often referred to as deep sleep is the most restorative stage of the sleeping cycle. This is when we get the best rest. It is during deep sleep that we replenish, and it is also when memories consolidate. Deep sleep is important to counteract the damage caused to our brains by everyday stress. 

There are different ways to increase your quality of sleep, in order to wake up more well rested in the morning. One way is to steam bathe in the evening. This core body temperature increases, which is one of the factors shown to increase deep sleep. Slow-wave sleep begins when brain temperature rises above a certain threshold, which is why steam baths are so beneficial for your sleep.

The lives we lead today, constantly connected and online, can make it difficult to relax and unwind enough to fall asleep. The heat, the solitude and the soothing sound of the steam bath will not only make it easier to fall asleep but actually improves the quality of your sleep. The heat and steam are also effective ways of relieving physical aches and pains such as headaches, muscle soreness or joint pain.

With an Amerec steam shower, the ComfortFlo Steam Heads produce "pink noise" which helps induce slow-wave deep sleep, per a Northwestern Medicine study from Northwestern University. Though the study introduced pink noise during sleep, the calming effects of pink noise help a steam bather achieve a deeper relaxation while bathing.

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