5 Beauty Benefits of Steam

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Having your own steam bath at home means there is no longer a need to spend time and money elsewhere, when you are looking to indulge in some luxurious pampering. Instead, you have everything you need for a beauty boost - in the convenience of your own home. Here are 5 reasons why steam baths not only will make you feel great, but also look great!

Like a facial - for the whole body

You know that great feeling when you’ve splurged on a salon facial? A steam bath is just like that - but for your whole body!

Detox deluxe

Steam baths are great for flushing out toxins from your body - the moisture and the heat opens up the pores and impurities are flushed out when you sweat.

Prevents Acne

Sweating gives a deep cleanse to your skin, which reduces acne and helps keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Glorious glow

You know that wonderful glow you get from spending a day in the outdoors or from exercising? A steam bath will give you that glow too!

Prevents cellulite

Those small dimples in your thighs? In case you don’t like them, try regular steam baths! The heat improves circulation, which is a great way of reducing cellulite. Combine the steam bath with brushing or peeling for maximum effect!

Ready to enjoy the benefits of steam at home?