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Create an inviting, relaxing steam bath experience that adds real value and generates positive returns for your business, and your guests. The AI Series steam boilers are designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation. With corrosion resistant exteriors and multiple safety features, AI boilers provide a welcoming, genuine steam bath experience for less cost and hassle.

Safety Listings & Registrations:
- UL Listed
- cUL Listed
- UL834 Tested; ASME H-stamped Low Pressure Vessel, National Board Registered.

Safety Features:
- Sight Glass
- Three-Level Water Sensing System with Low Water Cutoff
- Control System per CSD-1

Design Features:
- Low Water Cut-Off (LWCO): Prevents heating if the water level drops below safe levels.
- Over Temperature Shut Down: Turns boiler elements off if the steam room gets too hot, and indicators blink to show alarm.
- Corrosion Prevention: all powder-coated steel construction protects the boiler from corrosion common in wet environments.
- Easy Serviceability: Indicator lights and integral diagnostics inform you when an issue needs to be addressed, and the simple service access and control makes the issue easy to address.
- One Room Operation: One Steam Valve
- Two Room Operation: Requires 2-room thermostatic control kit, and each room will be controlled individually.

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Technical specifications

Options: AI-12, AI-18, AI-24, AI-30, AI-36, AI-42, AI-48
kW Voltage Cubic Footage Min-Max Dimensions
Options: 12 kW, 18 kW, 24 kW, 30 kW, 36 kW, 42 kW, 48 kW Options: 208, 240, 415, 480 Variable Based on Model 20" x 22/28" (model dependent) x 25"
Amps Phase
Variable Based on Model 1 or 3 Based on Model


Amerec AI Series Commercial Boiler
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