Steam, Meditation and Mindfulness

The solitude, the serenity and the heat - these are all components that have traditionally been used in meditative rituals, all over the world and in a multitude of cultural contexts. Create your own sweat ritual and take your steam experience to the next level.

Since ancient times, people have felt healed and nurtured by the heat. Stephen Colmant, Phd and licensed psychologist, is the author of the book Sweat Therapy - A guide to greater wellbeing. He wrote this book after having studied the rituals of the Navajo Indians, for whom the traditional Sweat Lodges play a central part in religious life. 

Colmant makes a strong case for the immense value that meditation and rituals can have in our everyday lives, when it comes to maintaining health and a positive outlook on life. He stresses that "There is not just one way or even a 'best way’ to do it”, but that it’s rather a matter of creating your own ritual, something that suits your specific needs and habits. Still, he gives helpful advice worth keeping in mind when you start planning your own meditation and sweat ritual.

How to create your own sweat ritual

  • First of all: heat exposure can be very therapeutic, but caution must always be exercised. Make sure to listen to your body’s reactions and stay mindful of what it tells you. Always make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t eat too much before your sweat ritual - consider it a form of exercise. You wouldn’t go running on a full stomach, the same goes for spending time in a heat bath.
  • Don’t enter your bath until it’s at your preferred temperature, it will ruin the experience and make it more difficult to relax.
  • Don’t wear jewelry or uncomfortable clothing. The lesser and the looser the clothing, the better.
  • Be careful to drink plenty of water before, during and after your session.

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