Benefits of Steam

Health & Wellness

Not only does a steam shower feel good, it is good for you too. 
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While wellbeing can feel like a luxury in our fast-paced world, it’s essential we make it a priority. Research proves just how valuable it is, and how powerful heat bathing can be as part of your routine. Discover the health and wellness benefits derived from steam bathing, and find the comfort of wellbeing with steam.


Circulation Improvements

Moist heat can improve circulation; both the temperature and the humidity are important. The combination stimulates more blood flow, which encourages your heart to work faster so it can circulate more blood. Optimal circulation is essential for proper organ function, from your heart to your brain and nearly everything in between.


Muscle Recovery 

Whether from an intense workout or more serious injury, moist heat can aid in muscle healing by enlarging blood vessels and allowing more of what’s needed – blood, oxygen, nutrients – in to relax, repair, and restore. 


Joint Flexibility 

In the same way a steam shower can support muscle recovery, so can it help with joint stiffness. Treat chronic illness or simple pre-workout joint inflexibility with heat to create more blood flow to foster mobility and elasticity within bothersome joints.


Congestion Relief 

Steam, in many forms including a steam bath or shower, can temporarily provide relief for sinus congestion. Warmth and humidity are believed to help promote drainage both through steam inhalation and relaxed, deep breathing; when paired with proper essential oils, the relief could be amplified.


Calorie Burn Extension 

Calories burned in a steam room don’t contribute to weight loss (anything lost is typically water weight). However, steam rooms have been used effectively to prolong the effects of a workout, i.e. calorie burn, if entered when your heart rate is already increased. A steam room can perpetuate an elevated heart rate, which can help you burn additional calories.  


Skin Care 

Simply living life in our world today exposes us to a multitude of toxins, many of which are absorbed through our skin. The heat of steam showers can open pores and wash away some of the toxicity skin holds on to, resulting in smoother, healthier skin.


Mental Wellness Nourishment 

Break away from being constantly “on” and give yourself permission to decompress. Time away from daily stressors, in a peaceful, rejuvenating environment can work wonders. Ease your mind and body by focusing on your breath and allowing the heat to envelope you and start to heal you, both inside and out.  

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